Welcome to Erics Health Food Shoppe

Eric’s Health Food Shoppe has been providing the highest quality health foods and vitamin supplements to New Yorkers for over 15 years.

We love what we do and pride ourselves on bringing our customers only the freshest and best products.

Our staff are experts in organic and healthy foods and have an incredible passion for choosing to put only the best in your and family’s bodies.

It is important to us to source seasonally and locally wherever possible and leave the lowest carbon footprint. We eat what we sell and recommend only the best.

When we started out it was just with the aim to share our love of good healthy food and connect with other people who felt like we did.

Little did we know just fifteen years later we would be one of the best known and best stocked health food stores in Brooklyn.

We began as a family business and now our whole store runs like a big family, like a big healthy community, including our customers.

If you value your health and care about what you put in your body we would love to chat to you.

Insight & Address


E-mail: pikerfoods@gmail.com

Phone: +1 (718) 615 40 40


508 Brighton Beach Avenue
New York, NY 11235