Choosing the Right Daily Multivitamin

According to researchers at the National Institutes of Health, one-third of all American adults take some form of daily vitamin or multivitamin supplement. This number has consistently trended upwards since multivitamin/mineral (MVM) supplements were first introduced in the early 1940s.

The sale of daily multivitamins also accounts for almost half of all vitamin and mineral supplement sales. With this in mind, it makes sense that multivitamins are big business. The problem is that with so many companies offering their multivitamin, it can be challenging to choose one.

The worst that can happen is that you let the shelves upon shelves of multivitamin options overwhelm you and end up not taking a multivitamin at all. Multivitamins are a cornerstone of any good health/self-care routine. They are designed to supplement your daily vitamin and mineral needs all at once.

For someone who doesn’t get their blood taken or tested often, it can be difficult to know if you’re deficient in any vitamins and if you are, which vitamin or mineral level is low. With a multivitamin, you can stop worrying, knowing that all your basic vitamin needs are being covered.

Once you narrow down what you need in a multivitamin, it becomes much easier to select one. Below we have broken down some of the categories you might fall into to help you find the right multivitamin blend.

Selecting a Multivitamin Based on Age

One of the first categories you might consider when selecting a daily vitamin supplement – age-specific blends. Multivitamins have been customized for almost any age group. As we age, our bodies need different levels of specific vitamins and minerals for optimal health. These age-targeted multivitamins have been created with these vitamin level recommendations in mind.

Some categories you might find are –

  • Kid Multivitamins
  • Teen Multivitamins
  • Adult Multivitamins
  • 50+ Multivitamins

Women or Men’s Daily Multivitamin Supplements

Another way to narrow down the daily vitamin supplement options is to focus on gender-specific formulas. The daily vitamin and mineral needs between men and women overlap in many cases, but a sex-based multivitamin can offer significant improvements in key areas.

For example, a woman’s daily multivitamin will almost always have higher levels of calcium and iron. This is because women’s bodies tend to lose bone density at a much faster rate than men. Iron levels are also more important for menstruating women, with women more likely to be deficient in iron without a supplement.

Men’s multivitamins, on the other hand, usually have higher levels of zinc and selenium. These elements are vital for male health, improving the immune system, sperm health, and testosterone levels.

Specialty Multivitamins

Another option to consider when selecting a multivitamin supplement – do you need it to target a particular medical condition or specialty situation?

A typical example is a multivitamin for pregnant women or women trying to get pregnant. During pregnancy, a woman’s body needs higher levels of specific vitamins and minerals. WIth a pregnancy-targeted multivitamin, you can be sure you are getting the appropriate levels.

Other multivitamin options focus on –

  • Deficiencies based on restrictive diets (i.e., vegan multivitamins)
  • Menopause
  • Memory health (for anyone genetically predisposed to certain memory disorders)
  • Malabsorption conditions (celiac, gastric bypass surgery, etc.)


Chewable Supplements, Gummy Daily Vitamins, or Pill Based Multivitamins

So far, we have discussed choosing a multivitamin based on health conditions, age, sex, etc. Sometimes though, the quickest way to narrow down your vitamin supplement options is to decide what type of supplement you want – physically.

Taking a multivitamin should be easy and convenient. Based on that, you might want a traditional pill from a multivitamin. For children, a gummy daily vitamin is probably a better option. For people who have difficulty swallowing capsules, many multivitamin companies offer chewable vitamins.

Multivitamins at Eric’s Health Food Shoppe

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Our knowledgeable staff is also happy to help you narrow down the options and choose a few that best fit your unique health concerns and situation.

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