Exciting Fitness and Health Trends for 2019

If your New Year’s resolution was to get fit but exercise is not your friend, check out these cool new fitness trends for 2019.
The secret to getting healthy is to develop habits that you enjoy and that make you happy – this is the best way to make long-term change. Health doesn’t need to be boring and getting fit needn’t be difficult or repetitive.
Why you should start working out in 2019
If you have made working out more one of your resolutions for 2019, we applaud you. You are awesome. Working out not only helps you physically and lengthens your life, but it also helps you socially, in your intimate relationships and mentally as well.
Regular exercise will make you feel and look better, as well sleep better and have more energy throughout the day. It can help clear your skin, make your hair shine, help you lose weight, reduces your risk of many health conditions including heart disease and cancer, and can boost your mood.
It is wonderful for people of every single age and stage of life, with benefits for children, teenagers and even the elderly.
So Much Variety to Choose From
The variety of exercise means that you are bound to find something that suits you. Try something new and see if it inspires you to get going every day, and if not, then try something else tomorrow.
The many different ways you can get moving are literally limitless, and should give you enough new things to try out for the whole rest of the year.
And you don’t need to become a gym junkie to see the benefits. Even a little regular movement a few times a week is significantly better than no movement at all.
And as soon as you start moving a little bit you will see some effects, and it will get easier to keep going and challenging yourself with new fitness activities.
Fitness through Technology
Fitness gets easier and more accessible through 2019 with improvements digital exercise programs and devices. Advances include wearable fitness technology, cardio videos and short workouts, mindfulness and meditation apps and more.
Pelaton’s treadmill makes it possible to attend virtual running classes from your own home, and many bigger name and boutique gyms are streaming classes so you participate wherever you are.
Once thought to be the enemy of working out, technology is being developed in all sorts of new and interesting ways to bring fitness to within the reach of everybody.
If you lack the money or confidence to join a gym, or your lifestyle is too busy for getting out or spending too much time working on yourself, technology has made it all so much easier.
Some apps we love include:
Beachbody on Demand for streaming workouts and cardio
Aaptiv for personal audio coaching during your run
Esquared to help you find classes in gyms nearby
MyFitnessPal to help you track your diet and weight loss journey
Headspace for guided breathing and meditation to help you chill out and balance your mind as well as your body.
Exciting Fitness and Health Trends for 2019
Try some of these interesting new ways to shake your fitness routine up and just have fun!
This ballet-based exercise trend will gain even more participants in 2019, with men getting into the barre craze as well as their female counterparts.
This is a wonderful form of strength-training which tightens your core and increases your flexibility without adding bulk. Starting off as an exclusive workout activity for some, it is becoming accessible for everyone.
Zumba Evolution
Zumba has been an incredibly popular health and cardio trend in recent years. This dance-based group workout combines easy moves with punchy music for a heart-pounding routine that people of all ages can do.
Zumba will continue in 2019, but will evolve into new kinds of dance-based cardio workouts for fun, fitness and core work all at once.
HIIT Fusion
High-Intensity Interval Training took off as a fitness trend in 2018, possibly because it was fun, fit into most lifestyles and anyone could do it. HIIT involves quick spurts (one to two minutes) of high-intensity activities blended with short bursts of lower activity to rest, until you fall into an exhausted but very self-satisfied heap.
In 2019 HIIT will continue to grow in popularity, and is predicted to evolve into lovely fitness fusions, including HIIT pilates, HIIT yoga, HIIT boxing and more.
Shorter Workouts
The popularity of high-intensity workouts has shown how many more people embrace regular exercise when it becomes a sprint rather than a marathon.
This year, workouts are getting shorter again, with fitness trainers and experts saying that the right kinds of workout can achieve what you need in as little as 30 and even 15-minute sessions.
This is something we can all get into!
Ninja Warrior
We love getting our inspiration from tv. Fitness training has rolled through boot camps and mud traps, now 2019 will see an influx of ninja warrior inspired gyms, following in the popularity of the physical challenge craze.
Mindful Running
Solo cardio like running, swimming and cycling has a wonderful meditative quality to it, which is a big reason why busy and stressed out people love to exercise.
Exercise enthusiasts have known for decades that getting into the zone while working out is like a form of meditation in clearing your mind and improving your mental health.
Headspace and Nike combined forces to create a guided running app that perfectly taps into this, and we predict we will see even more beautiful natural fusions of mindfulness and cardio throughout 2019.

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