Fall Fixes: Natural ways to repair your skin and hair after a long summer

The harsh sun and salt water or chemicals from swimming can take their toll on your skin and hair in summer.

Your hair can be left feeling dry and brittle, and may even change color with the repeated onslaught of heat and synthetic substances.

Now that fall is here, it’s time to give your body some well-deserved respite from the sun, and a bit of extra care and attention.

Fortunately, you can find some gorgeous natural products in your local health food store to help restore your beautiful locks and complexion to their soft, silky and supple best.

For more details about natural products to repair your skin and hair this fall, read on!

How does summer affect your skin and hair?

Your hair may seem to change its personality with the seasons. Both heat and humidity can alter how your hair looks, as can the extreme changes from going from outdoor sunshine into indoor air conditioning.

The effects of UV rays on skin are well known and can never be understated. You simply must have sunscreen on your face in summer to prevent damage from harmful rays and also keep your skin from aging too quickly.

UV rays also damage your hair, making it drier and weaker, and more likely to break and snap. You’ll notice that styling can be a lot more difficult in summer, and you may be more prone to frizziness and split ends.

While salt water isn’t bad for your skin, overexposure to salt water is drying on your hair. Your follicles soak up the salt water making dryness, brittleness and tangles much more of a problem.

Chlorinated water is also bad for your skin and your hair. The harsh chemicals are in the pool to kill bacteria, so it is easy to understand how it could strip your hair and dry out your skin while you are swimming.

Why synthetic beauty products aren’t the best option

There are a gazillion products on the market that claim to help protect and repair your skin and your hair – but how many of them actually work? Most contain ingredients that you’ve never heard of and that experts still debate the long-term effects of.

Many contain artificial colors, fragrances, additives, and preservatives to make them last longer in the container.

Some manmade and mineral-based ingredients are not good for sensitive skin. At a minimum, these ingredients can cause inflammation, clogging of pores and provide very little benefit overall. At worst they may make you very sick.

We find that when you are looking for skincare and hair care products you should go by the same rules as for your diet; look for unprocessed ingredients as close to their natural state as possible.

Your body is more likely to know what to do with them, and using plant-based ingredients won’t disrupt your body’s normal healing or hydrating processes, which synthetic ingredients can.

And when it comes to your most prominent assets (as well as your hard-earned cash), wouldn’t you rather have the best?

Natural Products for your Skin and Hair: How to repair yourself after the summer

Now is the time to replenish your body and renew its resources.

Taking supplements can boost your body’s natural immunity to cope with the extra work summer has put your extremities through. Collagen boosters, for example, can provide some extra oomph to your skin’s regenerating cells to help them fight against the elements.

Omega-3 Oils like wild fish oil are also fantastic for replenishing your skin.
Apply natural moisturizer to your face and body to replenish the hydration taken out during a sunny day. Aloe vera is a lovely cooling and hydrating product for dry skin.

If you are suffering from dry skin after a long summer there are a number of lovely natural ingredients to help your skin rehydrate and heal, including:
• Honey
• Oatmeal baths
• Witchhazel
• Apple cider vinegar
• Coriander oil

For those hot days still lingering, and also some extra tips for next summer

Apply moisturizer and sunblock on any parts of your body that may be exposed to the sun during the day.

Moisturize your hair ready for a day in the sun by applying a thin coat of natural oil, such as coconut oil or jojoba oil. This stops it from soaking up too much salt or chlorinated water as well as protecting it from the heat and UV rays.

Natural sunblock for your skin

A number of natural ingredients can provide some sun protection against harsh UV rays, including:
• Coconut oil
• Shea butter
• Jojoba oil
• Grape seed oil
• Eucalyptus and lavender essential oils

Use any of these ingredients with a base of around 20% non-nano zinc oxide, which works as a non-toxic effective broad-spectrum sunblock. Insoluble in water, non-nano zinc oxide is gentle on all skin types and can commonly be used as a base in sunblock or other skincare products such as foundation.

Natural sunblock for your hair

You can also make your own easy natural sun protection for your hair.
Add a few drops of pure grapeseed oil to 200ml rose water and keep this in a spritzer bottle in your fridge. Shake well and spray your hair before going out for the day.

You could also combine a tablespoon of jojoba oil with a few drops of red raspberry seed oil and enough cold water to dilute it a little. Comb this blend through your hair with your fingertips as you would a hair gel.

Take care of your scalp as well and be sure to protect this area with sunblock, a hat, or even better, both.While the sun is awesome you need to treat it with great respect. Take a few steps to ready your hair and skin for any day in the sun, reapply and stay hydrated while you are out, and then replenish your body with more moisture when you get home.

Happy Fall everybody!

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