Great ways to eat a healthy breakfast on the go

Parents have been telling kids the same message for generations breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Yet still, over 55% of American adults regularly skip breakfast.

Skipping breakfast can sometimes form part of a valid diet plan, such as the intermittent fasting diet, but for many people, skipping breakfast is not so much part of an organized diet but a sign of a very disorganized one.

If you find yourself regularly missing breakfast because you overslept or because you were too rushed in the morning, we have some great news for you.

You dont need to resort to unhealthy midmorning snacks like chocolate bars or sugar-laden muffins or pick up something deep-fried from the drive-through on your way to work. There are some incredibly healthy, remarkably filling breakfast options that you can have ready to grab and go.

Why do we need breakfast?

We need breakfast as the first meal of the day, because while we slept, our body went without sustenance. You will need to put food into your system to give it the energy it needs to get through whatever your day has in store.

What is a bad breakfast?

No breakfast is not a good option if you end up just eating badly at lunchtime because youve starved yourself.

But some breakfast options are not very good for you either, and may not be a lot better than skipping it altogether.

Many breakfasts are high in sugar, even while claiming to be healthy. This includes many popular breakfast cereals, especially the ones that are marketed to children.

Products that are low-fat are often high in sugar as well, including things like breakfast drinks, bars, and yogurts.

Many breakfast options may give you a quick release of energy, getting you off to the right start, but then may put you into a slump mid-morning.

What is a good breakfast?

A good breakfast should give you a boost of vitamins and minerals to start the day well. It should be filling and satisfying.

A good rule of thumb is to try to include fruit, whole grains, and calcium with every breakfast. Adding a dose of healthy fat or protein (such as avocado, eggs, nuts or lean meat) helps to give you a lovely slow release of energy across the morning, and will keep you alert and active no matter what your day has in store.

If you can introduce a range of fruit and vegetables into breakfast this is fantastic. But just start with the basics and build from there.

If you have little time for breakfast, here are some great options for healthy breakfast on the go:

Juices and Smoothies

Many commercially made juices or fruit drinks are as high in sugar as sodas and are not great as a breakfast option.

You can make your own filling smoothies or juices at home and have the peace of mind that you know everything that goes into them. Include a few vegetables that are high in water content to make sure that you are getting hydrated but without too much fruit and natural sugar.

Have the ingredients prepped and chopped ready in the fridge or freezer, and then just throw them in the blender just before you walk out the door. Pour your fresh juice or smoothie into a travel mug with a lid and you are good to go.

Granola Parfait Jars

Have ready-prepped jars or containers of yogurt and fruit in the fridge. Grab one and top it with a good handful of delicious crunchy granola just before you leave then eat on the trip into work. You can also add the granola to your jar at work and eat at your desk if eating on the commute is a little impractical.

Mini Frittatas

On the weekend bake yourself a pile of mini frittatas just packed with healthy goodness eggs, cheese, some lean protein, and yummy, healthy vegetables. You can either freeze these individually and microwave them when you want to eat them, or have them in the fridge and just munch on them cold.

Make whatever combinations you love, but here are some that we highly recommend:

  • Fetta, bacon, and asparagus

  • Spinach, parmesan, and peas

  • Smoked salmon and broccoli

  • Cauliflower, zucchini and pine nuts

Homemade Protein Bars

Bake ahead a slab of protein ingredients (many recipes dont even require baking and will just set in the fridge or freezer) and cut these into bar sizes for simple grab and go.

Here is a recipe that we really enjoy:

Some Awesome Breakfast Options from Eric’s

Bakery on Main Organic Happy Granola

You can throw a bag of this granola into your tote or briefcase and happily munch along on your commute into work.

Glutino Gluten-free English Muffins

Throw in the toaster and then top with good fats or lean proteins, such as mashed avocado or organic natural nut butter, then top with sliced fruit like pear or strawberries.

Bright Greens Blender-free Smoothie Mixes

If you dont have a blender or time to mix anything, this grab and go option is insanely easy as well as so delicious!

Kashi Flakes and Clusters Cereals

Great layered over coconut yogurt or to top a half avocado for a gorgeous keto breakfast.

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