Natural Dental Products for your Teeth and Oral Health

Your teeth can be one of those things that we take a little bit for granted. We use them constantly every day, but may not give much thought to caring for them better (or to what we would do without them!)

Chances are, whatever you are doing at the moment to care for your teeth and oral health, it isn’t enough.

If you look after your teeth properly, they should last you a lifetime. However, because we only get one set of adult teeth, if you don’t look after them there are no backup teeth to come through for you.

Dental treatment, especially for major work, can be very expensive.

A much cheaper and healthier option can be found at Eric’s. There are some wonderful natural products that can boost your oral health and either take care of your teeth or even make them brighter and whiter.

Daily Oral Health: What you should be doing

There is an optimal level of oral care we should be doing, and then there is the bare minimum. Most of us fall somewhere in between.

When we get too much advice or are told to do too many steps a day to care for our teeth, it all gets a bit much. Many of us ignore the best advice and just go for the minimum we can get away with.

But what should we be doing?

You need the right products and to put in place a daily routine. You should also be modeling good habits for your children as well. You also need to replace your products, such as your toothbrush regularly, because if you are using an old one then it just won’t be performing as it should.

Brushing twice every day is ideal, but at the very least you should make sure to brush before bed. Food and plaque left on your teeth overnight have already had a chance to start attacking your teeth and gums even by morning, so make nightly brushing an absolute.

Brush for two minutes, focusing on all the surfaces of your teeth. Brush in a gentle circular motion.

Brush your tongue every time you brush your teeth.

Remember to floss between your teeth. Daily flossing would be fantastic, but if you could even get a habit going 2-3 times a week this would be better than nothing.

Mouthwashes are good for reducing acid in your mouth, cleaning some hard to reach places and also for re-mineralizing your teeth. Again, using a mouthwash daily is best, but a few times a week would be acceptable.

Natural Dental Products for your Teeth and Oral Health

Many commercial dental products can be uncomfortable for people with sensitive teeth, and often children don’t like them much either. There are some wonderful natural dental products (some with ingredients that may surprise you!) that you should check out.

Better for the Environment

Much of the packaging and materials that go into making dental products like toothbrushes and toothpaste aren’t exactly great for the environment.

You know you should be replacing your toothbrush when it gets old, but what do you do with the old one? Do these just end up in a landfill?

The sad answer is yes – almost all plastic toothbrushes end up in the landfill when they are done with. That is estimated to add up to over 850 million toothbrushes in the US alone.

Toothbrushes and the packaging they come in are made from a mixture of plastic, rubber, nylon, and cardboard, none of which as mixed-materials are recyclable. Staying away from items that we throw out regularly like plastic toothbrushes is better for the environment, however completely avoiding brushing your teeth altogether is not the best answer.

Start with a biodegradable toothbrush, such as those made from wood or bamboo. These products are natural and do not add to landfill and waste.

Natural Toothpaste

We have always understood that fluoride is necessary for toothpaste, and is the main active ingredient really for keeping our teeth strong and healthy. However, recent studies have started to show that fluoride may not actually good for humans at all.

There are studies that indicate fluoride may be a neurotoxin and not safe in high quantities. There is some evidence that children who live in regions of the world with high fluoride levels in the water have lower IQ levels than children in other areas.

The evidence against fluoride is still in the early stages, and the American Dental Association recommends that using toothpaste containing fluoride is safe. More and more natural alternatives to toothpaste are becoming available, however, which you may feel more comfortable using.

Natural toothpaste may contain a number of different ingredients, including:

  • Calendula
  • Green tea
  • Peppermint essential oil
  • Oregano essential oil
  • Clay

There are also alternatives to mouthwash, which traditionally contains alcohol and can be quite drying and abrasive on your mouth. Natural mouthwash includes coconut oil mixed with peppermint, which has been specifically pH balanced for your mouth.

Natural Products for that extra Boost

Activated Charcoal is a magical ingredient that works as a lovely natural teeth whitener, which you may find far gentler on your teeth and gums than peroxide whiteners and bleaches. Activated charcoal has this amazing porous surface which attracts and absorbs toxins and chemicals, drawing them away from your teeth. (This also makes it great for your skin in other products)

Activated charcoal also can work wonders for staining tannins such as those found in coffee and red wine.

There are also supplements tailored specifically for dental and oral health, including prebiotics and probiotics. These give you good bacteria to help your body fight against gum disease and tooth decay, and can also give you:

  • Stronger tooth enamel
  • Fresh breath
  • Boosted immunity
  • Boosted digestive function.

Final Thoughts

Oral health should be a priority and isn’t something you have to let slide because you want to look after the environment or be careful about the products you put in your body, or give to your children.

If you have questions about natural dental care products, pop in and talk to our staff today (they all have lovely big smiles!)

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