The New and Improved Rainbow at Eric’s

You didn’t know a rainbow could get better did you? Well it just has!

Your favorite local health food shoppe has put on a new bit of spit and polish, and come up looking an absolute treat. The only old thing you’ll find here now is the wonderful old-fashioned service from our expert staff. Everywhere you turn, you will now see something new; so much so that you’ll have to come back again and again just to try all the gourmet goodies now on offer.

Welcome to the newly renovated store and see the expanded range of products. To compliment our already enormous selection of organic fruit and vegetables and the massive collection of vitamin supplements, we have our new chilled section.

Start your tour at the juice bar, and choose your own special blend of cold-pressed juices and smoothies. These refreshing drinks are too good to pass up, no matter the season.

Then peruse our gorgeous new fridges with even more fresh and tasty options for lunch on the go, or to pick up a healthy speedy dinner after work

We have a delicious new range of meat free and dairy free options including yummy soy yoghurts, plant-based cheeses, chia puddings, and nut and coconut milk treats. We have an incredible selection of meatless meal options to make it easier than ever to eat well and tasty at the same time.

We stock emerging brands such as:

  • Kite Hill, who make plant-based eating different and wonderfully sweet, with nut milk yoghurts, cream cheese and artisanal delicacies
  • Chia Pod’s range of filling puddings and snacks to tempt your sweet tooth without making you fall completely off your healthy eating regime. Try the cacao one for true decadence.
  • Delamere unique goat’s butter for a great alternative in home baking and cooking
  • Nutiva’s cold-pressed hemp oil
  • Flora’s organic and unrefined flax oil, to meet your superfood supplement needs.

We also stock old favorites like Farmhouse Culture and Smart Deli. As always, the incredible choice of quality local and international health food means that you can always offer your family the very best.

Healthy eating has never been better than it is right now. There’s no excuse now for not having nutritious snacks with you all the time.

The rainbow is bigger, brighter and fresher than ever before, and it lands in New York.

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