Surprising Uses for Natural Ingredients

Mother Nature created some of the most amazing and useful health and beauty products you will ever find.

We mention this often, but so many of the great natural products we are only just discovering have been closely held secrets of some communities for thousands of years. Some cultures have known since forever about the versatility of natural and plant-based ingredients, and the reason they have used them for so long is that THEY WORK.

Modern society has perfected synthetic and manmade products, but we are realizing now that much of this didn’t need to happen – we already had all we needed in the garden, forests, oceans, and mountainsides across the globe.

If you think that you should be cynical about the latest beauty or health fad to come out of Hollywood or Facebook – you might be just looking at a rediscovery of these awesome natural products.

Have a look at our list of surprising uses for natural ingredients, and see just how clever and versatile Mother Nature can be.

Eric’s Excellent List of Surprising Uses for Natural Ingredients

Activated Charcoal

What is activated charcoal?

We hear a lot about charcoal, but this is not the stuff you just scoop out of the fire pit; it is specially made, involving heating carbon-rich like wood and coconut shells to very high temperatures.

This activation process removes any previously absorbed molecules from the charcoal and reduces the size of its pores, giving it incredible absorbing power.

What can you use activated charcoal for?

Charcoal pills contain tiny amounts of activated charcoal powder in capsules. You can take these daily to help with a number of internal conditions including kidney and digestive problems, treating stomach gas and diarrhea.

Charcoal is antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and detoxifying as well. As strange as it sounds, charcoal can be used to whiten your teeth and improve your overall oral health.

Its ability to draw toxins, chemicals, and bacteria to the skin’s surface makes charcoal a wonderful ingredient in skincare products including cleansers and scrubs.

Charcoal absorbs odors and excess moisture, making it a great natural deodorant or shoe deodorizer.

The antibacterial properties of charcoal make it a great light natural treatment for skin infections and wounds, and it can be used for conditions like eczema.


What is coffee?

Well, you may have heard of this little natural ingredient before – but we are not talking today about its magical ability to form the basis of the world’s greatest drink. Today we are talking about its other more surprising uses.

It is an ingredient in many health and beauty products, and there are also a few interesting uses around your home for used coffee grounds.

What can you use coffee for?

Coffee in skincare and beauty products shows off even more of its magical powers. The antioxidants in coffee are fantastic for healing and cleaning skin, and for fighting free radicals that age it.

It can remove cellulite, tighten and freshen skin, reduce redness and make it clearer. It is an important ingredient in many skin masks and scrubs for this reason.

Coffee also repels insects, so bowls of grounds can be placed around your home as a natural bug repellent. It can also be an ingredient in natural topical repellent. You can also rub coffee grounds through your pet’s hair to help kill fleas!

Coffee grounds are great deodorizers, so can be used to help absorb odors in shoes and gym bags, as well as rubbed on your hands to remove garlic or onion smells.

Used coffee grounds are also wonderful for fertilizer for your garden and plants. It is full of essential nutrients for plants including nitrogen, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and more.

Coffee grounds can be rubbed into your scalp to remove skin cells and build up, and help with conditions like dandruff. It may also stimulate hair growth and can be used to slow the effects of hair loss.

Tea Tree Oil

What is tea tree oil?

Not a product of the same plant that the tea drink comes from, the tea tree is an entirely different species. The tea tree is native to Australia, and tea tree oil is derived from the leaves. As an essential oil, tea tree oil has some incredible properties and interesting uses.

What can you use tea tree oil for?

Tea tree oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties, making it great for cleaning and healing. It is a suburb natural ingredient in antiseptic for cuts and grazes, insect bites, sunburn, and can reduce inflammation in conditions like eczema and athlete’s foot.

The cleansing properties of tea tree oil make it an excellent ingredient in cleansers for acne, and as topical treatment directly onto spots on your face.

It is an ingredient in some excellent natural shampoos for dandruff. It helps to reduce itchiness and greasiness as well.

It may reduce dental plaque and can help oral health as a mouthwash, helping to reduce gum disease and bleeding. It can reduce bad breath and also makes a wonderful natural deodorant for rolling on your armpits.

It can help reduce infections of the nose and throat and may relieve symptoms of colds and flu. It makes a good inhalant in a diffuser to help you sleep and can also be added to your bath to make you feel better.

Tea tree oil can also be used to treat fungal nail infections and to strengthen your nails.


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