What’s In Season? Summer Food Favorites

We have finally entered the bountiful season of summer. From local farms to backyard gardens, the earth is sprouting deliciousness everywhere you look.

While we think of autumn and the harvest season as the best time of year for in season, local foods, the truth is that year-round you can find great options for organic, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Summer is especially good for fruits – ideal for those hot summer days.

At Eric’s Health Food Shoppe, we stock up on fresh, seasonal produce daily. Not only will you find things in season but we also make sure to support local farmers and offer lots of organic options. Stop by to see what we have in season today.

Why You Should Eat In-Season Foods

Eating seasonally, year-round is a great way to add some variety to your diet while also saving money and supporting local farmers. Seasonal food has also been shown to be healthier for not only the consumer but also for the planet.

Before we talk about what’s in season this summer, let’s break down just some of the many benefits to eating seasonally.


Buying organic food can be expensive. That being said, if you stick to buying seasonal items, you’ll see much more in savings. Buy only local and seasonal, and you’ll be optimizing your food costs.

This is due just to the cost and logistics of transport. When you buy something out of season, that means it has to be grown far away in a different region with a different season. Alternatively, local and not in season foods are often grown in complex and costly greenhouses.

Seasonal, local foods are the best bang for your buck when it comes to nutrition and flavor.

Nutritional Value

Speaking of nutrition, seasonal foods have been shown to have higher nutritional value.

When things are out of season, they are again, often shipped in from abroad. The longer a food goes from being picked to being consumed, the more nutrients are lost. For certain vegetables that store well, the situation is even worse with excess produce being stored for weeks or months after harvest and then sold out of season.


Anyone who’s had a fresh picked berry or delicious summer watermelon understands how seasonality can affect flavor. When foods are allowed to ripen on the vine or in the ground until peak season, they just taste better.

Often foods out of season are picked before fully ripened so they can be more easily shipped across oceans and continents. This means less flavor and lower quality taste. Stick to in season fruits and vegetables for max flavor.

Good for the Planet

As we’ve mentioned, out of season foods are usually imported from abroad. This means fossil fuels are being burned simply to bring summer vegetables to a cold winter climate or vice-versa.

In season fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, are grown close to home. Less transportation means less of a carbon footprint. Opt for seasonal and organic for an even bigger boost to the planet.

So, What’s In Season This Summer?

Now that we’ve discussed why to eat seasonally, let’s talk about what’s in season.

At Eric’s Health Food Shoppe, we are lucky to be part of a community that values local and organic produce. You’ll find many of these summer fruits and vegetables at our store this season. Stop by and pick up the best summer has to offer. 

Summer Produce A-Z

Apricots – May to July

Armenian cucumber – June to August

Asian pear – July to September

Basil – June to August

Beets – All year but peak season is June to October

Bell peppers – July to November

Blackberries – May to September with peak season from June to July

Blueberries – April to September

Butter lettuce – June to August

Cherries – May to August

Corn – May to September

Cucumber – May to August

Eggplant – July to October

Garlic – June to August

Grape tomatoes – June to August

Green beans – May to October

Honeydew melons – June to October

Limes – May to October

Nectarines – May to August

Peaches – May to September with peak season in July and August

Plums- May to October

Raspberries – July to October

Shallots – June to September

Strawberries – April to June

Summer squash – June to August

Tomatillo – June to August

Tomatoes – June to August

Watermelon – June to August

Zucchini – June to August

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