Why are Activated Nuts better for you?

You may have heard a lot of buzz recently about activated nuts. Nutritionists and healthy influencers all over the globe are proclaiming that activated nuts and seeds are better for you than regular ones.

People mostly talk about activated almonds, but you can activate any kind of nuts. You will also find more and more products containing activated seeds, legumes and grains as well.

Let’s have a look at what activated nuts are, and why they might be better for your health.

What are Activated Nuts and Seeds?

Nuts are a fantastic snack for most people, and are an awesome source of plant-based fat and protein for people on vegan diets or those eating keto. They are handy to grab and go – you can just throw a pack of nuts in your bag to snack on during the day as well as add them to any sort of meal.

Nuts provide a good slow-release form of energy, making it a great breakfast or mid-afternoon pick-me-up. They are high in antioxidants as well.

High in good fats including oleic and linoleic acid, they can help your immune system, your joints, and muscles, your mood and cognition, and can reduce the risk of chronic illness and heart disease.

Nuts are very high in B vitamins and vitamin E as well as folate and magnesium.

Raw, organic nuts are better for you than those which are highly processed or grown using chemicals – but even better for your tummy may be activated nuts.

Activated nuts are nuts that are soaked in water and salt for a period of time, to begin the sprouting or germinating process. They are then slowly dehydrated at a very low temperature, which retains the crunchiness of them.

It is the same basic process for activating seeds, legumes, and grains as well, except if you are going to cook legumes and grains after activating you don’t need to dehydrate them.

What are the Benefits of Activated Nuts?

You may notice that if you eat lots of nuts you can feel bloated or heavy in your tummy, or suffer from cramping or nausea.

Activating the nuts removes the chemicals which interfere with digestion, making them much easier on your body. It also boosts your body’s absorption of the nutrients in the nuts.

Activating anything helps in two simple ways:

  • It makes digestion easier
  • It enhances nutrient absorption

Nuts are packed full of nutrients and minerals including protein, fiber, zinc, calcium, and magnesium. They also contain some chemicals which get in the way of your body’s digestion of the nuts and their goodies, including phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors.

Phytates are found in many plant-based foods, and aren’t necessarily bad for you. But they bind to some minerals including iron, calcium, and zinc, and may inhibit the body’s absorption of those nutrients.

You don’t need to avoid phytates altogether, but you stand a better chance of getting the maximum goody boost from your nuts if you remove phytic acid through a process like activation.

So, you feel better while eating activated nuts over the regular kind, and you are more likely getting the full nutrient boost from your nuts as well.

How to Activate Nuts at Home

If you have time, you can activate your own nuts. Make sure that you buy raw, organic produce to start with the very best.

Cover the nuts with water, adding a little salt which will vary depending on the type of nuts you are using. For harder nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, macadamias or peanuts use 1 teaspoon per cup of water, while for pecans and walnuts you only need around half a teaspoon per cup of water.

Let the nuts soak for around 7-12 hours, or even up to 14 hours for almonds. Strain them and spread them on a baking tray, then dehydrate in a very low oven (150F) for 12-24 hours. If you have the oven too high you will remove some valuable nutrients, so keep it low and slow here.

When the nuts are completely dry keep them in an airtight container, and eat them within 48 hours.

If you don’t have the time to activate your own nuts (and we completely get it if you don’t!) then look around our store for some wonderful activated nuts products, where the slow part has been taken care of for you.

Some handy ways to use Activated Nuts and Seeds

While you can eat handfuls of nuts as a wonderful slow-release energy snack any time of the day, you can add activated nuts and seeds to every meal break you are having.

Especially if you follow a vegan diet, you may find it difficult to add protein to every meal, however with activated nuts you can include them in every meal. And you don’t get any tummy problems afterward.

Some handy ways to use Activated Nuts and Seeds:

  • Add them to smoothies
  • Sprinkle them on yogurt
  • Add them to your favorite cereal
  • Sprinkle them over soups or salads.
  • Add them to chopped chicken or strained tuna with some good mayonnaise to make a delicious sandwich filling
  • Add them to stir-fries, or roasted or steamed vegetables
  • Sprinkle them over poached eggs or smashed avocado on toast

If you more suggestions for awesome ways to enjoy activated nuts and seeds, comment and let us know!

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