Anxiety and sleep deprivation relates to grave dangers: How lifestyle changes and homeopathic products can help.

Unfortunately it’s very natural to feel anxious from time to time. You might have an exam coming up, or a big presentation at work. You might be meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time, or be meeting with the bank to apply for a loan. Anxiety brings with it nervousness, apprehension, fear and worry. You might find yourself unable to sleep because you can’t stop thinking about what is coming up.
But for a lot of people, anxiety is not just when something big is looming; some people suffer from overwhelming fear and panic that seems to have no logical source, and no reasonable signs of relief. This kind of anxiety can be relentless, can plague a person day and night, and bring with it many terrifying physical symptoms that make the sufferer feel like they are having a heart attack. People with a diagnosed anxiety disorder may be prescribed medication to manage their symptoms.
Anxiety and sleep deprivation are a terrible cycle of suffering; people with anxiety have trouble sleeping, and people having trouble sleeping are more prone to anxiety. It’s a vicious cycle. Fortunately there are many natural and homeopathic remedies that you can try to help calm your mind and body, lessening your anxiety and helping you go to sleep.
Some things you can do, apart from taking medication, to reduce anxiety:
Exercise, even very mild exercise like going for a walk, can help your anxiety. It releases a number of hormones in your body that naturally make you happier, including endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin.
Petting an animal, like your pet cat or dog, can assist with reducing anxiety. Research supports that this is a helpful activity for making people feel calmer.

Drink three cups of chamomile tea a day

Breathe in lavender. You can add a few drops to your skin, or to your pillow. You could have a massage with lavender scented oil.
Increase the amount of omega-3 oils you are getting such as in salmon and walnuts.
Try to get at least 15 minutes of natural sunlight on your skin every day.

Have a hot bath.

Reduce your caffeine. Cut it out altogether if you can. Reduce all refined sugar.
Learn techniques like mindfulness, meditation, yoga or even deep breathing.
Try some of the following natural remedies that have been proven to reduce anxiety and encourage calm and peacefulness.

Solgar b-complex with stress formula rescue remedy

B vitamin complex including B-12 has been shown to greatly assist with symptoms of anxiety. There are foods that can help with this such as red meat and oily fish, but the best source and most guaranteed way you can get the recommended daily intake is to take B-12 as an herbal supplement. This supplement is highly recommended for vegans and vegetarians who may have anxiety or trouble sleeping. This product helps to relieve stress, increase energy, and is also great for your skin, hair and nails.

Natural Balance herbal slumber

Just looking at the packaging makes you want to calm down and have a little nap. This supplement contains melatonin which aides relaxation and valerian which helps to naturally relieve tension. It also contains magnesium, chamomile and hops. This product has been proven to work well in helping you sleep, by making you drowsy about half an hour after taking and then fall into a natural sleep, and without the tiredness or foggy hangover that some sleep aides will give you. And it will reportedly keep you asleep throughout the night.

Valerian supercalm for small children

This is an enhanced formula which improves on the original product Chamomile Calm. The added valerian adds a mildly sedating effect. This may send very little children off to sleep, so is better as a sleep aide for very little ones, and as a calmative for older children or adults. Can be hidden in food or drinks for your little ones if they are reluctant to take medicines. Reports from satisfied customers state that it really works to help children be calmer during the day, and go off to sleep and stay asleep at night. And as every parent knows, if your children are sleeping better, then the whole house functions a lot better.

Natrol SAMe

Natrol SAMe works to improve healthy liver function and improve your mood. This product is made using a natural compound found in the body which helps to maintain healthy and balanced emotions. Research has shown that taking this supplement can greatly assist mood concerns such as anxiety and depression, and increase motivation and productivity. It has the added benefit of reducing joint pain as well, which can only help with making you feel better.

Natural care anxiety relief

This supplement does what it says; reduce anxiety naturally. It helps with mild anxiety and all related symptoms of worry, fear, apprehension and panic. This contains a number of homeopathic ingredients known to help calm your mood including Gelsemium, St John’s bean, Kava kava and Jasmine. This works as well as prescription medications but without the groggy side effects. People who have suffered from chronic anxiety for years have had instant relief with this supplement, which dissolves easily under your tongue.


Anxiety can be all-consuming, physically exhausting, and effect every part of your life and relationships. Before you know it you’ve completely lost yourself. But just because it’s a natural part of life doesn’t mean you have to suffer with it. You can tackle anxiety head on with these natural remedies and strategies that have been proven to work. And you will sleep better at night, and be able to live a happier, more fuller life during the day.
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